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Fiduciary Litigation

Professional Malpractice

Our attorneys pursue claims on behalf of businesses and individuals that have suffered harm due to professional negligence. Our experience includes obtaining results for businesses, individuals, trusts and estates in actions against accountants for damages suffered in reliance on erroneous and negligent tax advice. In addition, we represent banks and lenders in pursuing claims for damages suffered as a result of their reliance on misleading financial statements prepared, reviewed, or audited by accountants.

See a sample of the results our attorneys have obtained on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants nationwide.

Trust and Estate Disputes

Estate plans are meant to maximize asset protection and provide clear direction on the distribution of a person's assets after he or she has passed away. However, disputes can arise between named beneficiaries, executors, fiduciaries and family members who believe they have been disenfranchised and have a right to inherit.

Miller Schirger represents individuals in a variety of estate-related disputes. From will contests to disputes over trust management, we have the technical aptitude and demonstrated trial experience to assist clients in obtaining swift results. Where litigation is not an appropriate method for achieving our clients' goals, we seek alternative dispute resolution through negotiation, mediation or arbitration.

Will Contests

One of the most common forms of estate litigation, will contests occur when individuals believe the decedent's will has been created or changed improperly. Such claims can arise from a suspicion of undue influence on the decedent by an outside party prior to death, or claims questioning the mental capacity of the decedent when certain changes were made.

Miller Schirger represents beneficiaries in bringing will contests during probate or in defending their inheritance rights against will contests brought by others. We provide calm, professional services focused on our clients' objectives.

Trust Disputes

At Miller Schirger, our attorneys represent plaintiffs and defendants in disputes involving trustees and fiduciaries, including disputes arising from:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty:
    • Improper investment of trust funds
    • Improper administration and distribution of trust assets
    • Improper use of trust assets for personal gain
    • Theft of trust funds
    • Improper trust administration, including failure to manage the trust’s tax obligations, and failure to provide required trust accounting and tax information to beneficiaries
  • Undue influence on the grantor
  • Mental incapacity of the grantor

Our lawyers also have experience bringing professional malpractice claims on behalf of trustees and beneficiaries for losses suffered as a result of receiving erroneous tax or accounting services and advice.

See a sample of the results our attorneys have obtained on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants nationwide.

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